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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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work to change the whole face of the earth and
dehumanize and depersonalize man is not capital-
ism as  an economic system, but technics, the
wonder of our age.    Man has become a slave to
his own marvellous invention, the machine.    We
may well call our epoch the epoch of tedbutiics.
Technics is man's latest- and greatest love.    At
a time when he has ceased to believe in miracles,
man still believes in the miracle of technics.
Dehumanization is, first of all, the mechanization
of human life, turning man into a machine.    The
power of the machine shatters the integrity of
the human image.    Economic life is seen to be
completely separated from spiritual life, which is
pushed further and further into the background
and is no  longer permitted to  direct life in
general.    The machine was intended to liberate
man from slavery to nature, to lighten his burden
of labour, but instead of that it has enslaved man
anew and cursed him with unemployment.

This proves that the whole of our social
organism is afflicted with a terrible spiritual and
moral disease, a truly bestial attitude of man to
man. It is not enough to consider techicized
capitalism as merely an economic category : it is
a moral category as well, and directly related to
man's attitude toward his fellows. As I pointed
out in my pamphlet, Man and the Machine., tech-
nics have cosmic as well as social significance.